Work for INFO I101

Undergraduate Instructors (UIs) and Undergraduate Mentors (UMs) are responsible for supporting the academic mission of INFO I101 as well as representing the School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering. UIs and UMs must possess strong interpersonal skills and a hard work ethic. They also must be responsible and professional as there are instances where sensitive information must be shared.


Please direct all application or hiring-related messages to

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Marisa Anderson, Undergraduate Instructor


The application timeline is usually updated around Week 10 of the semester. We send an announcement to the entire course when we have opened applications.

Date Event
Week 10 Applications are Available/Open.
Week 14 (Friday) @ 5:00 PM Applications Due to
Week 15 Offers Sent (by this date).
5 Days After Offer Email @ 5:00 PM Last Day to accept offer by replying to offer email.


Undergraduate Mentors (UM) are unpaid positions and must be completed in order to move onto a paid UI position. UMs are primarily responsible for working during the lecture sections that occur once weekly across campus, as well as serving as secondary lab instructors. They will instruct at least one lab to demonstrate their ability as a lab instructor.

Undergraduate Instructors (UI) are paid positions that require attending lab sessions each week to act as both primary and secondary instructor for a lab section. It also includes other responsibilities (such as grading, etc., listed below). UIs will also attend one of the weekly Study Sessions in Informatics West Lobby each week.

Application Materials

Follow the instructions for the relevant position. Make sure to leave yourself time and double-check your application for any errors. Late applications are not accepted.